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Beating the Back to School Blues

Anyone anxious about going back to school? With ads that started before the 4th of July, it’s hard not to think about the stress of the new teacher, pick-ups and drop-offs, supplies, etc. Well, if you are feeling the stress, trust that your children are feeling it too. Who will be my teacher? Will my friends be in my class? And the dreaded H-word… homework! The unknowns of back-to-school are real but there are ways for you to ease this anxiety. When the back-to-school blues creep in, validate your child’s anxieties and talk them out. Provide real-life solutions to their fears. Reassure them that they and you have been through this before and together you can problem-solve through any situation. Provide comfort but remind your child that are many things to look forward to, like connecting with friends, trying new activities and most importantly learning new things. And remember to stay in the present. Yes, we all have a million things to do for back-to-school to actually go smoothly. However, your children take cues from you; contain your own anxieties! Model enjoying today! It will all get done. Happy Back-to-School!

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