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Practice Pardon with Yourself

Some of you may be thinking that I am talking about forgiveness as it relates to our children. Yes and no. We want to model the ultimate act of forgiveness and that starts with forgiving ourselves. It can be hard to put down the superhero cape, admit that we are human and give ourselves the same grace we offer others.

Share with your children decisions you have made, in the moment, last week, or decades ago, that you have and are forgiving yourself for. This practice moves us away from two polarizing but equally worthless states of being, guilty or ego. We all make mistakes, big and small. They are worth acknowledging to bring about awareness in ourselves and when others (including our children) disappoint us but not worth reliving through guilt or shame. Mistakes are not who you are in this present moment, even if they happened 1 minute ago. Every moment is an opportunity to reflect and grow and it doesn't have to become how you define yourself. What a gift to share with your children. So put down that cape, take a deep breath, and practice pardon. Your vulnerability to share with your children will create opportunities for sharing dissabpointments and how to move through them. What a meaningful way to connect. This practice can be challenging, so remember to be gentle with yourselves.

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