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Purposeful Parenting in 2021

Most of us do not think about parenting, we simply do it. We provide a roof, shelter, food and do the many of to-dos that are expected of parents- review homework, do the laundry, walk the dog and shuffle children to all their activities (even in the world of Zoom). And when there is a free moment, we share hugs, smiles, jokes and tickles. Very seldom do we have the opportunity to reflect. In 2021, let's make a commitment to parent with purpose, observing and reflect on how we parent, why we parent the way we do and what can we do better.

Let's start in the aspects of relationship that are often unbalanced in parent-child relationships, because of our past experiences, as well as the perceptions about power and authority in our interactions.

Use these guiding questions to reflect on communication, expressing emotions and conflict resolution. Just the reflections may present with opportunities to connect with our core goals and intentions for parenting.

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