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Specialized Coaching

While parenting can be overwhelming at any stage, there are issues and circumstances that present with their own sets of concerns and challenges. Stamp of Approval is excited to offer coaching that supports parents through those specific times.

Parents of Children with Special Needs

Raising a child with a special need has its own set of challenges and frustrations. From securing services to understanding the individualized education plan, parents are thrust into the complex world of special education, often without meaningful guidance and support. Stamp of Approval Development Services is committed to empowering parents so they can better understand their child’s needs and rights, as well as advocate for necessary services.


Stamp of Approval can help you with the following:

  • Understand your child’s IEP and individual needs

  • Manage the feelings associated with your child’s needs

  • Advocate for services

  • Assess program and services

  • Develop at-home strategies to target goals

  • Collaborate with service providers

  • Enhance parent coping skills

Mother and Daughter Hugging

First-Time or New-Again Parents

Congratulations; your bundle is here or near! While there is an indescribable joy that you feel when you think of or look at your baby, being a first-time or new-again parent is challenging. Breastfeeding, sleep schedules, colic, doubts and just readjusting to your new normal can be overwhelming and anxiety-provoking.


Stamp of Approval is committed to empowering you in defining your new roles and developing your parenting styles. This type of coaching is particularly impactful as it helps parents reflect in real-time, as they set goals about the type of parents they want to be. Parents-to-be are encouraged to begin this journey before the arrival of their bundle.

Happy Family

Single Parents

Single parenthood often reveals our superhero characteristics like endless energy, the ability to clone yourself to meet everyone's needs and immeasurable patience. Despite the superpowers,  there can be many challenges such as time management, work-home balance and co-parenting. As a former single parent, I understand these issues and myriad of feelings, such as guilt, anger, self-doubt, and loneliness. You are not alone! Let me help you and your family navigate the various issues associated with being a single parent. 


Stamp of Approval can assist you with the following:

  • supporting you and your child through the transition

  • managing the effects it has on school

  • co-parenting communication and collaboration

  • co-parenting with consistent discipline

  • establishing consistent routines 

  • taking care of your child through self-care

Father with his Son

Blended Families

Joining two people can present with challenges but joining sets of people, parenting styles, traditions and expectations can be overwhelming.  


Stamp of Approval can help with:

  • supporting your families through the transition

  • working with all parents involved (biological and bonus) to establish common expectations 

  • co-parenting communication and collaboration

  • co-parenting with consistent discipline

  • honoring and blending parenting sytles within comfortable boundaries

  • creating routines that support connection and relationship between all family members, including siblings

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