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Parenting with Purpose in 2021

A 3-part Series- Past, Present and Future

Join us as we assess our parenting habits, define our core intentions for our parent-child relationships and create targeted strategies to ensure we meet our goals in 2021!

WHEN: Sundays January 10th, 17th, and 24th at 3:00pm EST

WHERE: Virtually on Zoom!

*Please Note: Only registered participants will receive the Meeting ID and Password for the Zoom meeting.

** While I encourage participants to commit to all three sessions, individual sessions can stand alone and have the option for separate registration. 

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The Parent-"Teacher" Conference: Special Edition

In-person. Hybrid. Remote. It's all stressful! Join us for this FREE back-to-school Zoom event where we'll discuss strategies to decrease their back-to-school anxiety and ours.

WHEN: Sunday September, 6th at 3:00pm EST

WHERE: virtually on Zoom!

*Please Note: Only registered participants will receive the Meeting ID and Password for the Zoom meeting.

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Gentle Giant Summit: Real Men Can Cry

Join us and our panel of Gentle Giants for this FREE event as they debunk myths about masculinity and emotional vulnerability. Not just for men; everyone might learn something from this!

WHEN: Saturday, July 25 at 1:00pm EST

WHERE: virtually on Zoom!

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Free Parent Coaching

in a Time of Crisis

COVID-19 did not make parenting any easier! Working from home, homeschooling and parenting are hard work and under the new norm of quarantine, it can be overwhelming.

Stamp of Approval was proud to offer free parent coaching from March through August 2020 for anyone in need of additional educational or parenting support. 


Gentle Giant Summit


Join us and our panel for this FREE event as we celebrate you, our Gentle Giants & all you do, as well as discuss how we can choose relationship with our children over rules and being right.

WHEN: Saturday, June 20 at 1:00pm EST

WHERE: virtually on Zoom!

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The Parent-"Teacher"

Conference Series

Let's build community while we navigate the new normal of homeschooling! Join us for our FREE weekly virtual Zoom meetings on Sundays as we share challenges, strategies, and some laughs.

WHEN: Sundays at 5:00pm EST

WHERE: virtually on Zoom!

The Parent-_Teacher_ Conference Special

The Parent-"Teacher" Conference: Special Edition

Join Stamp of Approval Development Services as we join in as a community to explore how to navigate having discussions with our children about the injustice happening around us, even when it may be uncomfortable or painful for us as adults.

WHEN: Sunday June, 7th at 5:00pm EST

WHERE: virtually on Zoom!

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Facebook LIVE with the Doctors

of Strong Children Wellness 

Hope you can join me with the doctors of Strong Children Wellness, on Facebook Live on Friday, May 15 at 6pm EST!

To join the learning community and to listen LIVE, go to:

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Scream-Free Parenting:

Managing Triggers

We all have our triggers! Eye-rolling, back-talking, homework, etc. Pick your poison. Our children's behaviors can determine how we react rather than the other way around. But they don't have to!

Join us as we explore how to manage our triggers while we discipline through purposeful parenting. Group series. 

Contact me directly for details.

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