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Professional Development for Schools and Educators

Schools and organizations that partner with Stamp of Approval demonstrate a commitment and investment in the culture of their institutions.  Research indicates that when professional development is personalized to organizational goals or individual teacher needs, children experience better learning outcomes.


Stamp of Approval Development Services offers a range of opportunities to meet the professional development needs of educators, through customized programs aligned with their own set of goals and objectives.

Professional Development

Schools can select one-time targeted workshops that focus on a specific pedagogical practice. The facilitator works with educators and school staff to gain a better understanding of the strategy.  While the workshops are topic-specific, they are adapted to meet the mission of the school and the needs of participants through discussion, reflection and school-wide or classroom application. Schools can click here to select a workshop from a number of relevant topics or request a specific topic of interest.


Individual Teacher Coaching

Teachers may seek to enhance their skillsets outside of their professional organization and take a more personal path to professional growth. Individual teachers can select private coaching for a variety of issues, including pedagogical practices, as well as the issues that indirectly affect the classroom, such as collaboration, working with parents, and reflective practice. The coach will address challenges unique to your experience. While this is beneficial support for all educators, it is essential for educators who lack support and guidance or independent contract educators. 

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Parent Workshops

Parent workshops are targeted sessions with a specific area or parent technique as a focus. The facilitator works with the participants to gain a better understanding of the topic. While the workshops are topic-specific, they are not “cookie-cutter” and are adapted to meet the needs of the participants through discussion, reflection, and real-life applications.  


Stamp of Approval presents open workshops; however, schools, organizations or groups of parents can schedule private workshops specific to the needs of the participants. This makes for a more tailored development, to address the individual goals and needs of the group. Click here for a list of current offerings or to schedule your own private workshop.

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